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Hello and welcome to my website! My name is Lucy Hope and I write books for children. My first published book is Fledgling, a story about a Bavarian girl whose life changes forever when a cherub is blown into her bedroom in a thunderstorm.


I grew up in an ancient fortified house in North Wales with battlements, arrow slits and a dungeon. Even though it doesn't perch on top of a rock, and isn't in Bavaria, it helped to inspire Cassie's house in Fledgling.

I did lots of jobs over the years before deciding to be a writer. I've been a product manager, buyer, teaching assistant and web designer. In 2018 I did the MA in Writing for Young People at Bath Spa University. I LOVED the course and learned heaps about what it means to be a writer. I made brilliant friends, and wrote Fledgling.

I live in an old police house in the Cotswolds with my husband, two children and a big shaggy dog called Bronte. I love cooking and eating with my family and friends, taking long muddy walks in the countryside, eating cup cakes in cafes, reading, and of course thinking up new stories.

Lucy Hope children's author
Desk with Book

I am very lucky to have my own room in which to write, surrounded by essential author paraphernalia such as a selection of owls, two moon lamps, a velvet chair, inspirational books, more notebooks than I could ever possibly fill, motivational mugs, and a rather lovely pen. 


My big shaggy bear (oops sorry, dog) is always by my side, and follows me around like a shadow. She often lies a little too close to the castors on my desk chair, so I have to slide my chair back EXTREMELY carefully to make sure I don't run over her paws. Thankfully she's enormous so it's difficult to forget she's there! She hasn't helped me with any story ideas yet, but I'm certain she'll come up with something amazing when I really need it.

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My notebooks

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I don't know a single writer who doesn't LOVE notebooks. I have a notebook for every eventuality, for every story I'm working on, for scribbling, for plotting story ideas, for thinking up character names, for keeping a diary, and for planning what my family and I'll be eating each week. If something unexpected happens in my day, I'm pretty certain I have the notebook for it!

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