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Welcome to my website!

My name is Lucy Hope and I write books for children. My first novel, FLEDGLING, was published by award-winning children's publisher, Nosy Crow, in 2021. My second children's novel, WREN, was published in late 2022. Read on to find out more about my books and a little more about me! 

About Wren

Wren lives in an ancient house on Anglesey overlooking the Menai Strait. The house seems to sing at night as if calling to someone far away, and strange cracks keep appearing in its thick stone walls. Wren lives with her pa, her brother Tudur, and her Aunty Efa who moved into the family home when Wren's mother was killed in an accident that left her aunt paralysed. Wren's pa finds his daughter difficult to control; she's wild like her ma, and dreams of one day being able to fly like a bird.

When Pa decides to enrol her in the infamous Anglesey Institution for the Re-education of Young Women, Wren sets about building a flying machine to escape the clutches of her oppressive home life. As she begins work with the help of her friend, Medwyn, Wren realises that there is something very, very wrong with her house, and sets about unearthing a horrifying family secret that has been kept deeply buried for generations.

“Written with such imagination and energy, weaving in science and Welsh folklore with dark family secrets. And WOW, what a twist at the end!”

– Alex Cotter, author of The House on the Edge

“A compulsive, soaring gothic fantasy.”

– Imogen Russell Williams, The Guardian

About Fledgling

Fledgling is a dark, gothic story set in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps. Cassie Engel's house sits high on a tall rock that overlooks the mysterious Bratvian Forest. One day, during a violent thunderstorm, a small feathered creature from another world is blown into her bedroom. Soon grim forces are gathering, and Cassie has little time to unearth the secrets of her family's past and summon the courage to save everything she knows and loves.

A quirky, adventurous fantasy debut with a wonderful setting and a numinous hint of David Almond’s Skellig.” 

Imogen Russell Williams, The Guardian

“Featuring angels, owls and family secrets, this is a thrilling historical mystery.” 

Charlotte Heathcote, The Daily Express

“An ethereal tale of love and hope.” 

Marianne Levy, The i Newspaper

Nominated - 2023

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Where to buy my books

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